The Ngulla Mia Project 


Project Goals

Mudjar Cultural Gardens is an extension of the Ngulla Mia Project. Our vision for the gardens is to create a landscape encapsulating the living culture of our people, enabling our family to share with the community stories about our Country, our people, our language, our plants and animals, our traditions and our ancestors.

Stage One of the gardens is the erection of a poly tunnel and greenhouse to commence propagation of seed and cuttings to grow our collection of significant local plants for landscaping and eventual sale.

Stage Two will involve shaping the surrounding gardens into a walking story, carving pathways weaving around landmarks positioned to highlight the elemental connections of our families to Country.

Stage Three Each point of the walking story will be woven with markings or plantings to trigger conversation around these seasonal connections. On the journey there will be gathering places made for yarning with seating, sculpture and shelter developed from natural materials sourced from local sand, wood and stone.

Stage Four brings us colour, the final touches as we invite our artists to turn their tools on the canvas of land with markings, signage and murals.

Before the action starts on the gardens, we have this (pics below). A big uneven block of gravel and weeds. Stay tuned to see the gardens grow as we kick off this big adventure.

A little action on the block… and nectar-filled flowers from the older parts of the garden are bringing in the djilyaro (bees) and baan-baan (butterflies)