Welcome to Mudjar Aboriginal Corporation

We are a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation established in 2002 Celebrating Culture & Sharing Knowledge

(Formerly known as Esperance Nyungar Aboriginal Corporation – ENAC)

In the spirit of reconciliation, Esperance Nyungar Aboriginal Corporation (ENAC) handed back the care, control, and management of the reserves that we were previously land managers for in June 2020 and have now changed our corporation name and objectives.

Esperance Nyungar Aboriginal Corporation (ENAC – registered on 22 May 2002 with the Australian Government, Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations) is now Mudjar Aboriginal Corporation (MAC – registered on 25 November 2020). Our Indigenous Corporation Number (ICN – 4018) and our Australian Business Number (ABN – 40 453 809 190) have stayed the same.

Mudjar is a Nyungar word. The Mudjar Tree is an indicator of Birak (Summer – December and January), and if it flowers early Birak will be early, if it flowers late Birak will be late. Nyungar knowledge tells us that when you see the flowers at their most vibrant is when it is the hottest time of year. Nyungars made use of the Mudjar Tree during the season called Kambarang (October – November) obtaining bark to make shields, and collecting the gum that exudes from the wound, which is sweet and eaten raw. The trees flowering was also the sign that crayfish came out of their caves for eating.

The Mudjar Boorn (Tree) is a very special sacred and powerful spiritual carrier of Wirn or Spiritual Power. The Mudjar Tree is regarded as highly spiritual because it is associated with the spirits of the dead who according to the ‘old people’ “camped” on the branches and flowers of the tree on their way to Kurannup – the land of the ancestors across the Western ocean. This tree was sacred to all Nyungar people throughout southwestern Australia from Jurien Bay to the east of Esperance.

The story about Mudjar Yok, the Christmas tree woman, is a dreamtime story from long ago. Mudjar Yok was a very beautiful Nyungar woman, with lovely, golden hair. She was loved because she was helpful and kind to Yennar (the people). Moodjar Yok became very ill and this saddened the people so before she died, she promised that she would come back to visit. Her spirit now comes back to visit in the Mudjar Tree when the golden flowers are displayed, which brings everyone joy.

Mudjar Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) is a not for profit, community purpose organisation with a focus on cultural education and preservation.  Our vision is to celebrate culture and share knowledge, and our goal is to promote learning and wellness, by connecting people, ideas and resources.

The principal objectives for which the corporation is established are:

  • to get things right through good governance, adherence to rules, regulations, policies and procedures, being transparent and accountable and complying with reporting requirements;
  • to help Aboriginal people and the community by developing and delivering programs and projects that improve outcomes for social, emotional, and economic wellbeing;
  • to save Aboriginal culture by developing and delivering cultural awareness education and training for community members, agency and business representatives and individuals;
  • to work with others to develop and nurture relationships and partnerships with community members and groups, agencies, and all levels of government to improve social, emotional and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people and the community;
  • to celebrate Aboriginal culture by identifying and applying for funding and grants to develop and deliver activities and events that showcase and celebrate the history and culture of Aboriginal people and the community;
  • to build our wealth by identifying and implementing initiatives to generate long term sustainable income through multiple sources to support financial security and independence for Aboriginal people and the corporation;
  • to operate and maintain a gift fund to be known as the ‘Mudjar Aboriginal Corporation Gift Fund’ in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997;
  • to facilitate the personal and professional development of the corporation’s members.

MAC currently offer our Ngulla Mia (Our Place) Project and our Nyungar Kaditj (Understanding Nyungar) Program. As an extension to these projects, we are currently building the Mudjar Cultural Gardens and Bush Tucker Plant Nursery. Once the Gardens are built we hope to open up Esperance aboriginal Tours on the site to allow us to share our stories.

Our corporation supports Indigenous decision-making and leadership through our governance and Board of Directors who are all Aboriginal people including Nyungar, Ngadju and Wongutha people from this region. Our corporation members are also Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who are at least 18 years old and have values that align with the objectives of the corporation.

Our current Board of Directors – John Graham (Ngadju, not pictured), (left to right) Nathaniel Woods (Nyungar), Jennifer Woods (Nyungar), Lurlene Graham (Chairperson, Ngadju), Noelene Bourne (Torres Strait Island, Nyungar, Ngadju & Wongi), Matt Thomas (Wongi)